It's too early to tell if Emmett will be able to walk again.

Maarten was the last one off the bus.

Though Tony is American, he can't speak English.


My uncle didn't die from natural causes.

This is a matter of the utmost importance.

Is this real silver?

I'm sorry to differ with you.

Please tell him how sorry I am.

Hanako came all the way from Hokkaido in order to see her father.

You can talk to us.

I've almost finished this report.

I'd like to try on this dress.


Maybe I need a new assistant.

We needed this rain.

I haven't been getting much sleep lately.

I'm only trying to comfort you.

I'm sure we can straighten it out.

You were never very happy here, were you?

I want you to work with us.

Do you mind waiting?

Nobody has ever asked such a question before.

Rebecca is self-employed.

What was your other choice?

John made Beth his wife.

Why don't you help us?


Why did you say that to him?

Everett's jealous.

The student had his cellphone confiscated after it began to ring in class.

The stories in the book are written for her.

I needn't have bought that suit for the wedding, because Peggy's got a spare one in my size.

The label is stuck on the box.

Soon ripe, soon rotten.


May I trouble you for a match?


Declining estrogen levels can lead to thinning of the vaginal walls.

We're not leaving.

Hurry it up.

Look up at the sky.

One should do one's best to be happy.

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I don't have much money on me.

Why do you need one of those?

Some people sleep in their bathrobes.

Rik is shallow.

Beauty is a letter of recommendation which it is almost impossible to ignore.

Tell Sandra I'll be there in 30 minutes.

Please put on these slippers.

Do I really seem so sad?

We don't have a tumble dryer.

I would go except for my headache.

My car is large enough to carry five people.

See above.

You may answer.

Mom is at work.

How can we wait?

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Does Grace understand what I'm saying?


Pieter certainly is aware of what happened here yesterday.

I don't think that's a real diamond.

He doesn't know anything about politics.


What's wrong with this?

Brian won't heed the warning.

The lack of evidence to the contrary is itself evidence that your theory is probably right.

Brendan is very powerful, isn't he?

Courtney is inexperienced and makes extreme statements.

I'm a complete idiot.

That's what makes you so special.

I think his method of teaching cuts both ways.

Bill, Bill! How do you feel?

You never told me what it was.

Arthur was very disappointed.

I am not a fan of centrism.

It is kind of him to invite me to dinner.

What keeps the world going is not love, but doubt.

Two Indians were killed.

Let's not talk about that right now.

Eric didn't know how long the leftover chicken had been in the fridge, so he erred on the side of caution and threw it out.

He has a good chance of getting elected.

Jinchao was dressed casually.

You have to have a piece of pie.

Susan said that he'd pay the bill.

You might say that doesn't matter very much, but actually it does.

They're ready.


How do we get her out of jail?


Museums do a pretty good job preserving history.

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"That is an indiscrete question." - "There are no indiscrete questions, only indiscrete answers."


The thief forced her to hand over the money.


She was very excited.


They will win, since their military is renowned for its discipline.

Arnold checked the TV schedule to see what was on.

Panos told me not to drive so fast.

Higher gas prices cause inflation.

The tourists had to leave the town before dawn.

Winnie is very hardworking.

I thought you were supposed to be in Boston.


You'd better get your stuff together now because we're leaving in ten minutes.

She works for a bank.

How do I use meal tickets?

Ramiro laughed as he read Shatter's letter.

He was driving a car along the street.

I don't give a fuck about your brother.

Be sure to telephone by Friday, OK?

The auditorium is terribly stained. It is, in part, due to acid rain.

Those ruins were once a splendid palace.

I don't think anyone really thought Sridhar was busy.

Lynnette plays an active role in local politics and intends to run for the position of mayor next year.

We have many varieties of coffee.

He is liked by everybody.

I expect it to be a lot of fun.

I am a fast swimmer.

Joni was intimate with Lonhyn.

Don't you hate that?


Protestants were in the majority.

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Luke cut himself with a razor.

Vishal and Judy have a son named John.

She was a girl of imposing appearance and winning manners. But this staggered him. If she were such a slave to fashion and observance, she was not the woman for his wife.

Both Luis and Billie's resignations were announced Monday.

Are you pleased with your new job?

We have a deal, right?

I washed the sheets.

That costs a lot more.

Handsome is that handsome does.

I went to talk to her.

The teacher tried to interest the students in current events.

What's the champagne for?

You never told me a single thing about this.

At last the rats came to the river.

Young as he is, he has a large family to support.


It's time to get a haircut.

Susanne didn't swim because it was too cold.

There's one more aspect I'd like to touch upon during our conversation.

I like baseball.

Did you show your record of service?

Evidence that the above example is farfetched can be seen by comparing the total occurrences of component X.

It's the last time I add a sentence to Tatoeba.

I didn't request you to do that.

It seems too good to be true.

What if I told you I really want to be a teacher?

We had a big dinner.

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I guess all I need is a little rest.

Tollefsen Jackson was elected mayor.

We ran short of money.

Don't be nervous! This class is easy!

Arriving at the station, I found my train gone.

Spanish is spoken here.

Jarvis is my copilot.

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What a lovely morning!


The economy is improving.

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The airplane accident took place yesterday, a long way off at sea.

Jos was apparently very convincing.

How weird is that?

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They hired a moving company to transport their belongings to their new home.

Some believe that Nessie lives in this lake.

Olivia and Emma are friends.

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That's good soup.


I don't think it's always right for local governments to submit to the central government.

Where did you put our key to the house?

It's common courtesy.

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Yes, you need glasses.

Grace is spraying his garden.

Where can you find a defibrillator?

I'll tell you how to get to Ellen's house.

He was very shy and sweet.


Currently in this area there are no active hostilities.

Pria's cooking was more delicious than I expected.

We don't require assistance at this time.


I don't accept that.


It wouldn't matter.

Look at me when I'm talking to you!

Let me smell your breath.


She was working last night.